Unlimited Fashion for a Monthly Subscription


I'm taking part in a Finnish business idea competition with an idea for an alternative, more sustainable economic model for consuming fashion. By providing fashion as a service for wearing clothes we can better cater the modern consumers demand for 'Newness' and reduce the amount of textile waste created. Imagine having a new wardrobe every week without spending any more money or feeling guilty! You only pay for wearing clothes. Imagine not having to cleanin, ironing, pack or store you clothes ever again!

Here's the idea explained in one minute and a more comprehensive video further down. 

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For a more comprehensive explanation you can either watch this video below or read it in the following text. 


I have been in the fashion industry for all my life in Retail, PR, marketing, styling, creative directing and consulting. I completed my masters in Science in International Fashion Management at the London College of Fashion.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with this industry. Fashion is a fascinating cultural phenomenon however the fashion and textiles industry is the second most polluting industry in the world second to oil. It creates enormous amounts of waste. 1.2 million tons of clothing goes into landfill in the the UK alone! Textiles have one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable materials. These sad facts inspired me to look for alternative ways to consume fashion in a more sustainable way.

Do you remember the time we used to buy films just to watch them a few times? And then they would just end up somewhere taking space and getting dusted. What a waste! So why do we still do that with our clothes? We started renting movies and now we have Netflix! Thank god! 

We still buy our clothes, some we rent but why couldn't we take the consumption of fashion to a more advanced and sophisticated level that creates less waste and saves you time? Yes fashion is not a digital product but there is no reason why the Netflix model couldn’t be applied to it.

We only wear 20% of our clothes on a regular basis. That means 80% your clothes end up somewhere taking space just like your old DVD’s. That’s 80% of your clothing budget wasted! As an example consumers in the UK have an estimated £30 billion ($46.7 billion) worth of unworn clothes lingering in their closets. 

Imagine putting your clothing budget into a monthly subscription service where you would have an unlimited access to all the clothes in your favourite shop internationally. In this model you only pay for wearing clothes. You wouldn't have to clean, iron or store your clothes ever again!

Who likes packing? What about carrying loads of heavy luggage? What about unpacking? You know the feeling when you open your bags just to discover all your clothes are squashed and wrinkled and then you need to iron them AGAIN when you just ironed them before you packed them!

Imagine if you could just go on Fashion Netflix and look up online from your travel destinations local store what you want to wear during your holiday or business trip. You can then order the clothes to be delivered directly to your hotel ready for your arrival. Imagine never having to pack again!

Todays consumers are driven by 'Newness', We only wear our clothes a few times before replacing them with new (guilty as charged). We buy 5 times more clothing than in the 80’s and the volume of textile trash has gone up over 40% mostly due to the rise of cheap and disposable clothing.

It is nice to know that more and more brands are using more ethical fabrics but I believe that the core of the problem is the way we consume fashion. When a business makes more money the more units they sell it is not in their best interest to make clothes that will last you long. Therefore we need to find amore sustainable economic model for consuming fashion.

I was inspired by a documentary called ‘End of ownership’ where Thomas Rau introduces a new ‘ Economic model of the future’, which is not based on ownership. He reveals how the life span of lightbulbs are deliberately reduced in order to maximise their profitability. Do you ever feel your clothes don’t last as long as they used to? Rau presents a solution where companies focus on the need of the consumer which is ‘ to have light’ and then provide it as a service instead.

Likewise with Fashion Netflix the focus is in the needs and wants of wearing clothes. I personally don’t need to own heaps of garments. I definitely don’t want to wash, iron or store them! Think how much time you would save if you wouldn’t have to this.

With fashion Netflix you can borrow a product for a week or a month and when you get tired of it you just order a pick up and it will get professionally cleaned for someone else to use.

Brands can make multiple times more profit per garment compared to a single purchases. Thus a brand can make money the more their garments are worn. NOW it is in their best interest to make products that last long.nThis model can be applied to various sectors in fashion Luxury, Premium, kidswear, pregnancy wear, sportswear.. you name it.

I would love to know what you think! What you liked, didn't like, what could be improved ... I wan to heart it! Please leave your comment below the post. Your contribution is much appreciated. Together we can make the world better! :)

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