CREATIVE INDUSTRY LEADERS SHARE ACTIONABLE TIPS FOR PROMOTING DIVERSITY on a blog post by The DOTS, a career network for creative talent. The LINKED IN for creative industries!

  Image:   Serge Seidlitz


Diversity has long been a word on everyone’s lips in the creative industries, but recent studies by the Creative Industries Federation show that we could do better at practising what we preach. 

More diversity in the creative industries means having workers who truly represent and understand the communities they work in — and it’s no secret that knowing your audience leads to success. So, while diversity is usually seen as a social issue, it makes perfect business sense too.

Our Founder, Pip Jamieson, recently gave a talk at AdWeek with a fantastic group of creative industry leaders, where they discussed the importance of diversity within the industry and offered their thoughts on what we can actually do about it. Here are just a few key points they shared:

"Look carefully as to whether you’ve used too many masculine words that might put off women. Then get others to review your job description who are completely different to you, for feedback on the language." - Ravleen Beeston, Head of Sales, Bing UK on advertising jobs.

"It’s important to remember that once you have diversity in a team there will be messiness, friction and play — in fact this is central to innovation and should be celebrated." - Laura Jordan Bambach, of Mr President and SheSays on celebrating differences.

"Fostering a more inclusive environment internally can be brought about by a simple hack like creating a cultural calendar and celebrating different cultures." - Debarshi Pandit (Director of OMG Ethnic, Omnicom Media Group UK) on cultural awareness.

"Hiring people on cultural fit means you tend to hire people that you’d like to hang out with socially which often leads to homogenisation. Shifting focus to hiring people on shared values acts like a glue to ‘connect’ the team and align them around shared goals." - Pip Jamieson on hiring practises.

For more valuable insights, including thoughts from Melanie Eusebe (Chair of Black British Business Awards & member of the Creative Industries Federation) and Emma Perkins (ECD at MullenLowe Open and Co-Creator of Token Man), read the full article on The Drum.